Summer Shopping for Father’s Day


Thaddeus Men’s Paul Polo Shirt
Tommy Bahama Men’s Portside Player Spectator Polo Shirt
Southern Tide Men’s Beachside Stripe Polo Shirt
Tasc Performance Men’s Bamboo Air Stretch Polo Shirt
Bobby Jones Men’s Supreme Cotton Bar Stripe Polo Shirt
Bobby Jones Men’s Supreme Cotton Vintage Solid Polo Shirt


Maker & Company Men’s Tan & Blue Gingham Short Sleeve Button-Down Collar Shirt
True Grit Men’s Blue Indigo Short Sleeve Shirt
Rodd & Gunn Men’s Hartnell Short Sleeve Spread Collar Shirt
Thaddeus Men’s McCawley Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt
Bugatchi Men’s Classic Blue Short Sleeve Shirt


Thaddeus Men’s Carlton Cargo Shorts
Tori Richard Men’s St. Barts Shorts
34 Heritage Men’s Nevada Stone Washed Oceanic Elite Shorts
Cutter & Buck Men’s DryTec™ Bainbridge Flat Front Shorts
Tommy Bahama Men’s Port Madras Plaid 10-inch Shorts
Kuhl Men’s Bravado T-Shirt
Tommy Bahama Men’s Squeals On Wheels T-Shirt
Tasc Performance Men’s Carrollton Performance Crew T-Shirt
Tasc Performance Men’s Carrollton Performance Striped T-Shirt
Southern Tide Men’s Embroidered Pocket T-Shirt
Thaddeus Men’s Hirsh Crew Neck T-Shirt
True Grit Men’s Solid Slub Crew Short Sleeve T-Shirt


Tommy Bahama Men’s Pierpond Venetian Leather Driver
Tommy Bahama Men’s Pagota Leather Driver
Sperry Men’s Authentic Original White Cap Coral Boat Shoes
Sperry Men’s Authentic Original White Cap Grey Boat Shoes
UGG Men’s Tobin Canvas Slip-On Shoes



Short Sleeve Shirt Style for Men

Trend Alert: The short sleeve, button-down shirt is making a comeback. No longer just reserved for the studious, pocket-protector wearing guy, short sleeve shirts are here this season in many shapes, forms, and fabrics. Nearly every brand offers some version of this style – from Tommy Bahama linen shirts, to modern fitting Rodd & Gunn cotton wovens, to Kuhl quick-dry camp shirts with UPF 15 for your outdoor adventures.

Check out these great looks we’ve put together for summer:

Look # 1 – Lakeside Leisure

For a day that begins with a casual coffee meeting and becomes an afternoon on the boat, wear this breezy Tommy Bahama linen shirt unbuttoned to show off a coral high v-neck tee. Paired with 34 Heritage five-pocket pants in stone and Tommy Bahama Felton slip-on shoes, you are set for a day to relax in style. Don’t forget your personal writing utensil made by Faber-Castell.



Look # 2 – Work Ready

If your office vibe is trendy and casual, muster your inner hipster and give this summer look a try. Maker & Co button-down shirt in classic gingham (we love the Corozo buttons) paired with fashion denim from 34 Heritage and your favorite nerdy glasses (these readers are from Scojo).

Fit tip: To pull off this look, find a trimmer fit shirt that flatters your shape and is not boxy. Sleeves should end mid-bicep and you should only be able to fit a few fingers between it and your arm.



Look #3 – Party Cool

For your summer barbecues or live-music date, go for a Kuhl camp shirt layered over a pop color maize yellow tee from Tasc, offering tons of performance qualities like bamboo, UPF15, and moisture wicking. On the bottom, we love these new stretch cotton cargos from Thaddeus for the ultimate in comfort.


To get these looks and more, visit The Foursome Fine Men’s Apparel in Plymouth, MN or shop

Why Enro?


Why Enro? The Best Performing Shirt in the World

LUXE CRAFT: Beautifully crafted and designed

LUXE CARE: Non-iron, stays sleek all day long

LUXE SOFT: Soft feel, luxurious and lasting

LUXE AIR: Cooling to enhance breathability

LUXE WASH: Stain release collar and cuff

LUXE GUARD: Sun protection UVA and UVB rays


General Style
Enro offers foundational wardrobe pieces for any man in both dress and casual clothing. Enro’s style is best described as classic, timeless and basic.

Approach to Business
The Enro Shirt Company is dedicated solely to the tradition of quality, value and service, has manufactured and marketed the Enro brand to specialty stores through the United States for almost 100 years. Their quality fabrics, design and attention to detail have made them one of the premier manufacturers for thousands of specialty stores.

Merchandise Sold at The Foursome
The Foursome sells Enro non-iron dress shirts, sport shirts, dress pants and casual pants in mens, big and tall sizes. Shop The Foursome’s selection of Enro during our biannual Stock-Up Sale.

Company History
Ninety-seven years ago, Nathan Rosenblum built a dream into reality by bringing to life the Enro Shirt Company. In the years following, the company changed hands several times and faced periods of hardship, but become a leader in the dress shirt industry.

The first dress shirt with the Enro label was manufactured in the year 1919. The plant was located at 311 West Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky. In the first year, Enro employed only twenty people in 22,000 square feet of working space. Bernard and Sidney Rosenblum, two of Nathan Rosenblum’s sons were a part of that small team. Before the company could produce a second line, the bottom fell out of the cotton market.

The Rosenblum family stood to lose their newborn dream. They decided to give the public something different. Back then, shirts were without collars attached. They were called neckband shirts, which was the style of that time. Enro began manufacturing shirts with collars, predominantly button-down oxford styles, and created a demand for their product in a market flooded with collarless shirts.

The dream came to life once again. In the year 1949, Enro merged with Wilson Brothers. At the time of the joining, Enro employed eight hundred people and was manufacturing over two million garments. These garments included dress shirts, sport shirts, and pajamas. The company Nathan Rosenblum and his sons began had become a name to be respected in the men’s clothing industry. Nathan Rosenblum named the company after himself. (The “En” is for the “N” in Nathan and the “Ro” is from Rosenblum.)

For eighty-eight years, Enro has been marketing a line of Branded Men’s dress shirts and sportswear to over 2,000 active retailers from coast-to-coast. The division’s success is no mystery: The highest standards of production, quality details, superb service and highly competitive pricing have all contributed. Today’s Enro has broadened its business to include the following product categories supported by a major in-stock program and is marketed to moderate and better specialty stores. Not only does Enro design and manufacture fine men’s dress shirts in blends and all cotton, but also sportswear and pants that are consistent with our superior quality and design.

Where is Enro made?
Enro is imported from overseas.

What is the fabric care?
Enro shirts are known to for qualities like non-iron, easy care, machine washable and dryable. A little touch up may be necessary but shirts and pants come out the dryer virtually wrinkle free.

Celebrating Made in America

At the Foursome we love good stories, especially those that involve determination, values, work ethic, and family. These days, they are not easy to come by — the grassroots, small-town hardware store, and “made in America” kind of stories that are worth knowing. These kinds of companies involve real people committed to something more than the bottom line. Quality goods, customer satisfaction, and a good handshake always seem to be a part of the story. This is our story, and we love to buy from companies with similar ones. As The Foursome founder Ron Engel used to say, “We don’t just sell clothes, we build relationships.”


The Foursome story began in 1935 when a group of golf-playing school teachers decided to open a small general clothing store together. In 1955 Ron Engel and his wife Lucille became part-owners of The Foursome, Ron selling and Lucille doing bookkeeping and alterations. The business took on a true family flavor when their son Gordy — currently the company president —joined the business in 1969. Over the last decade, the business became a family enterprise. Four of Gordy’s children have joined The Foursome team, using their unique interests and talents to enhance the business.

Engel Owners

The Foursome started in Wayzata, and now Plymouth is our home. We have grown, downsized, survived a weak economy, and persevered through challenges. Through it all, we continue to keep pace with changing times. Like the little engine that could, cheerfully pressing on over the big hills, we are still a family and business. We remain committed to what matters most to us, namely our customers. We take pride in helping them feel comfortable and confident in the quality clothing we sell.

We have always been steadfast about community involvement, so we weren’t surprised when ‘shopping local’ became a trend. We have supported our community since the beginning. We participate by providing employment, volunteering, advertising, and contributing to food shelves, sports teams, clubs, and religious organizations. As a family business, we value knowing and helping people — both our customers and our neighbors. We consider ourselves a rarity in this day-and-age. For people who value knowing where their merchandise is made, appreciate friendly and expert service, and love a good story, The Foursome is your family to shop with.

We choose brands that are made in the USA, whenever possible. The pressure to move manufacturing offshore is strong. A competitive economy makes it especially difficult for small companies not to do so. But we have found a few that have stood against the tide. They all exhibit grit, determination, and a commitment to our country. We proudly honor them and their stories with our Made in the USA promotion.

Why does it matter? Goods made in the USA use less fossil fuel than those that are imported. The companies that make them are vital to our nation’s economy. They form the backbone of our society, by creating jobs and hope in small towns across the United States. It feels good to do what is right.


Port Washington, Wisconsin


Established in 1922, Allen Edmonds is a company rich in Heritage. In the 1930s Allen Edmonds weathered the Great Depression by working even harder to reach customers who cared about gold standard quality. As many other shoe manufacturers went out of business, the management team kept Allen Edmonds on track by staying true to the company’s core values and superior craftsmanship.  It wasn’t long before Allen Edmonds were being worn by Presidents, Popes and Pros. (Reagan, GW Bush, Clinton, Pope John Paul II, etc.)

Today, instead of following the trend to move manufacturing offshore, Allen Edmonds invested millions to modernize its US manufacturing facilities. The company employs over 280 employees at their expanding Wisconsin shoe factory. ” Our longevity is also attributable to the company being at its heart, a family business.” Our family at The Foursome can say the same is true for us!

We are proud to offer and extensive selection of Allen Edmonds footwear in-store and online.

AG Jeans
South Gate, California

In 2000, successful European designer Adriano Goldschmied joined forces with the California-based Koos Manufacturing, a respected producer of quality jeans. Goldschmied was ready for a U.S. brand, believing that “nothing more than jeans represent the spirit of America”.  AG has since become synonymous with great quality, design, and state-of-the-art washes.

In the fall of 2004, Adriano and Mr. Ku mutually decided to end their association, with Adriano leaving his namesake company to venture out on his own. Under the direction of Mr. Ku, the AG team has maintained its commitment to the “made in the U.S.A.” label, and is dedicated to the continued development of the brand with the utmost attention to detail and quality.

We are proud to offer  AG Jeans for men at The Foursome.

Boulder, Colorado

Carrot & Gibbs was founded in Boulder, Colorado, in 1987. Neil Borin, one of the original owners, knows his bows. You will never see a Carrot & Gibbs tie that has been fashioned out of stacked fabric and cut en masse. Carrot & Gibbs bow ties are created from specially selected imported 100% silk fabrics, predominately woven and printed. Each tie is individually cut, sewn and pressed by hand here in the United States. And rather than a metal clasp at the back, you will find mother-of-pearl buttons. Carrot & Gibbs is proud to be associated with this small piece of cloth with its 400-year heritage. The bow tie inspires a staunch loyalty that can only be understood by those independent thinkers who look into the mirror, tie their bows, and go forth as proud members of this civilized minority. Click here for a step by step bow tying guide.

Chanhassen, Minnesota

At FITSOK, the mission is simple; Give athletes the best in engineered fit and performance. They are committed to offering products that allow everyone to excel. Whether running, biking or training, each FITSOK pushes the boundaries of moisture and temperature management. From the athletic CF2 to the feature rich CX3 and the advanced ISW, the entire FITSOK lineup is designed to keep feet dry, comfortable and cool. Every sock is packed with tech, built right here in the USA. Running isn’t just a sport – it’s a lifestyle.

Chicago, Illinois

01_Shot_MaxSchaffner_441 1b 2_FINAL.jpg

Hart Schaffner Marx is an American story. In 1887, two immigrant brothers by the names of Harry and Max Hart scraped together just enough money to open up a men’s clothier in downtown Chicago. Through their tireless work, savvy innovation (the first to introduce suits tailored for different body types, zippered trousers and tropical weight wool suits, amongst other things) and an unwavering commitment to dressing men in high-quality clothing produced right here in the USA, the brothers grew their company into one of the largest men’s suit manufacturers in the world. HSM continues in that tradition today, giving well-dressed men of conviction the style and grace they demand in the American-made choice they deserve. With a 120 year heritage, the HMX group is the leading American clothing manufacturer and marketer. 


Boulder, Colorado

There is an actual JZ! Jan Zumbrennen (Richard Jan Zumbrennen) founded JZ Richards 17 years ago. By 1994 when the company was founded, he had over 20 years of experience in the neckwear industry having worked with Bert Politzer, Robert Talbott, and Farrell Reed. Jan’s goal was to incorporate the best components of each of those companies under a single roof, and JZ Richards was born. The company was founded in 1994 in the Zumbrennen living room. In fact, the first JZ Richards Line was swatched on top of the family’s pool table. Then, as now, the company is based in beautiful Boulder Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The Wild Horse Studio, set 7,000 feet above sea level with sweeping mountain views, has been the inspiration for the vast majority of JZ Richards’ designs over the years. The main office “down the mountain” in Boulder proper is filled with long term employees committed to maintaining the high standards that JZ Richards customers have come to expect over the years.

J.Z. Richards ties are hand-made in the U.S.A. The quality American craftsmanship that goes into every J.Z. Richards tie results in a durable tie that knots easily, doesn’t slip, and is quality inside and out. Your J.Z. Richards tie always looks great. And so will you.

Newark, New Jersey

When a hand-crafted “made to measure” shirt is what you desire, Skip Gambert & Associates is The Foursome’s obvious choice. Since 1992, this American manufacturer has been producing great products with a genuine craft ethos. Take a minute to watch this video of the factory and witness the remarkable care and pride of the workers at Skip Gambert.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

SmartWool is a company based on values, advocacy, and community. “We want to affect positive change in the world within which we live, play and do business. We believe in capitalism with a conscience. We acknowledge an accountability to all humankind, demonstrated through compassion, active kindness and respect.”

Founded by New England ski instructors, the company swears by the amazing natural fibers of merino wool. They have worked extensively with their New Zealand sheep growers on the fair treatment of sheep. 90% of all SmartWool socks are knit right here in the U.S.A.

Winona, Minnesota

Nearly 50 years ago, Bernhard Brenner came to America as a young knitting engineer from Europe with a singular vision: “To make the finest sweater that can be made.” Amid the scenic bluffs of the Upper Mississippi River Valley at Winona, Minnesota, Mr. Brenner founded Knitcraft Corporation with the belief that Winona’s beautiful countryside and the strong work ethic of its residents would be key to achieving his vision. In a short time, the St. Croix label became synonymous with perfection in craftsmanship and styling and earned its reputation as the world’s highest quality knitwear.

Not only is St. Croix American made, it’s Minnesota made! This quality and world-renowned menswear collection is made so close to the Foursome, we consider it local. As a family business, we especially value buying merchandise from our neighbors who we know personally.

Shop our large selection of St. Croix items in-store or online.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The rich heritage New Orleans possesses makes a perfect setting for Torino Leather’s old world craftsmanship. Torino Leather emerged after Katrina when four partners invested in new equipment and raw materials and started production in early 2006. The business has continued to grow steadily since that time and is now the premiere US manufacturer of fine belts and luxury leather goods. Most of their experienced craftspeople have worked with Torino Leather since its inception and have contributed in a major way to their success and growth.

“Although extremely challenging, those tough times have made us all stronger and more committed to making Torino Leather successful.”

Honolulu, HI

From their headquarters in Honolulu, Tori Richard is a resort lifestyle company. Founded in 1956, Tori Richard, Ltd. is still today a family business driven by an appreciation of unique fabrications and globally inspired prints. The first factory was on Pier 7 in downtown Honolulu. At high tide it was not unusual to see wet floorboards. As the business quickly grew, founder Mort Feldman moved the factory to a Quonset hut on Beretania Street in Honolulu. Over the years, the family business changed and adapted, but stayed true to their Hawaiian inspiration and values. In December of 2008, Tori Richard, Ltd became one of the world’s first solar powered apparel manufacturers and retailers. This unique, $1.1 million photo voltaic system provided their corporate headquarters and warehouses in Honolulu with 94% of all its electricity needs.

The Foursome offers Tori Richard shirts for men and big & tall men in-store and online.

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Since 1905, my family has been committed to our employees, our community, and making fine quality socks just for you” – Bob Chesebro, President. Wigwam Mills, Inc. is proud to knit its socks in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, U.S.A., just for you because we care. We care that thousands of manufacturers in this country sacrifice quality for less-expensive labor in other areas of the world, to increase the bottom line. We care about the environmental, sociological, and financial implications of this policy.

Our manufacturing facility is state of the art and getting more “green” all of the time. We have and are working with local utilities to improve our efficiency and limit our carbon footprint. We support wool producers in this country by sourcing our wool almost exclusively from American yarn spinners who buy from American wool growers. And we support domestic yarn spinners whenever possible. For over 100 years, Wigwam has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of our customers. We have done this not just through  providing them the finest quality socks, but by providing them with  the assurance that their purchase of  Wigwam socks supports its reputation of honesty and integrity.

Port Washington, Wisconsin

Since the company was founded in 1987, the demand for Woodlore cedar products has grown. Their goal is to build a reputation for quality that is as strong as the wood they use. They use kiln-dry lumber to a precise moisture content and carefully control humidity levels throughout the manufacturing process to prevent cracking and warping. Fine sanding gives every surface a silken finish. Such uncompromising standards bring out the lasting beauty of their natural cedar products.

At Woodlore, they understand the importance of preserving the environment for future generations. After all, their business depends on natural resources. That is why they practice selective cutting, which allows aromatic cedar to grow faster than it’s harvested. They follow manufacturing techniques designed to waste as little as possible. Even their wood chips, shavings and sawdust get put to good use. Plus, packaging is both recycled and recyclable.


All Made in the U.S.A. brands are 20% off at The Foursome May 23-31, 2016. We are closed Memorial Day, Monday May 30th. Have a safe and happy holiday.

Celebrating Five Years in Plymouth


November 2014, The Foursome celebrates five years in Plymouth. Although we still refer to it as the “new store”, there is no doubt that it feels like home. We have adapted, grown stronger, kept our eyes looking ahead – yet always striving to retain what The Foursome is known for: relationships, community, quality, and dedication to our customer’s experience. Here are five of our milestones in the first five years in Plymouth:

1. Fresh new brands. Since our move, we have seen the greatest influx of quality and inspiring brands in our store’s history. We have welcomed new tailored clothing by Byron; transformed jeans to denim with 34 Heritage and Mavi; added Rodd & Gunn, Thaddeus, Southern Tide, Robert Graham, True Grit, Maker & Company, Thomas Dean, and Canada Goose to our sportswear collections; and expanded our accessories to include brands like Will Leather and Marc Jacob footwear.

2. Opportunities to Give Back. The Foursome has been privileged to continue our legacy of supporting countless community organizations. Last year, we were excited to help Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners (IOCP) launch a community-wide Shop with a Purpose day during the holiday season, an idea originating at The Foursome. The concept is to shop with a purpose and give back to those in need. Mark your calendar and participate on Friday, December 19th, 2014. The Foursome will also be doing a jacket trade-in for IOCP in October.

3. Bridge Department. In response to a growing need for the modern man’s wardrobe to incorporate denim and looks that “bridge the gap” between tailored clothing and casual wear, we opened our Bridge Department. Men will find fashion denim, soft coats, hip button-down shirts, and fine footwear. We want to continue to be “the store in town to get your jeans”.

4. Website Features. We know shopping habits are always evolving. The Foursome has been a leader in small business ecommerce for close to fifteen years, but this year we have been rolling out even more enhancements on our website. Of course we love seeing customers in our store, but sometimes convenience takes precedent. We believe online shopping can still be personal, and everyone should have a store like The Foursome in their hometown. Our goal is to offer all of our fine products a simple click away. Legacy member? You still get your discount. Want to ask your salesperson’s advice? Find them on our team page. Whether it’s replenishing your white dress shirts or shopping from a winter home in Florida, we give the same experience you know and expect at The Foursome. Now it’s just called

5. Football. Yes, football has become a part of our Plymouth experience. We are honored to be the preferred clothier of University of MN Gopher Football Coach Jerry Kill. It is a rare opportunity to get the chance to clothe a celebrity with his degree of character and humility. We were also pleased to help support Wayzata High School by sponsoring their new state-of-the-art football scoreboard. And to top it all off, there is a new (old) coach in the house. Foursome owner Gordy Engel is living his dream this football season as an assistant coach for the WHS football team led by Coach Brad Anderson, who Gordy coached as a 6th grader. Look for Gordy with a clipboard on the sidelines if you find yourself under the Friday night lights cheering for the Trojans.

When we look back on our journey from Wayzata to Plymouth and doors that had to open, we take pause to thank God and our loyal customers for the ability to keep our family business going strong. Now that we have made our home in Plymouth, we look forward to new opportunities to serve this community for many years to come.

Engel Family, The Foursome owners

Engel Family, The Foursome owners

Exclusive Interview with the Man Behind Byron: Spiro Arvanitakis

Byron clothing is making a name for itself right here in Plymouth, Minnesota. Like any Cinderella story, this one is charming. It includes family heritage, partnership, and incredible attention to detail. The story involves history, expertise, and good people working together to serve good customers. At The Foursome, we have been truly charmed by the finery behind the Byron Label that produces a perfect fitting garment. Since a suit jacket is ultimately about fit, this one rises to the top. Through years of experience in men’s fashion, Byron has created a British style trimmer-cut suit that is not tight, and is truly comfortable. It allows freedom of movement that every guy desires. Trends in fashion will always come and go. Though rare, there exists the notion of timeless fashion. Byron suits fall into this unique category as they encapsulate the proper fitting garment. As they say, “the fit belongs to Byron, the rest is up to you”

Spiro Arvanitakis, designer and owner of Byron was born into tailored clothing. This plays out in his exclusive apparel line that has become one of The Foursome’s leading labels. Each season he and his team create inspiring menswear that consists of rich fabrics, textures, and colors. In order to show a bit of the “personality” behind the Byron obsession, we asked Spiro himself a few questions to gain insights into his beloved clothing.

Check out this interview with the Byron man himself, Spiro Arvanitakis.

What is one of your best sources of inspiration?

Growing up in my father’s custom tailor shop definitely gave me the appreciation for craftsmanship required to tailor fine clothing.  Of course, there was an emphasis on impeccable fit.  My father taught me that making a garment fit close to the body, but not tight, gave greater ease of movement.  Allowing a jacket to move with you, rather than merely hanging on you.

In your travels, can you recall a memorable person who was dressed remarkably well?

I love how the British are open to dramatic use of color.  We think of them as conservative (stiff upper lip and all that), but in reality, they love to experiment in breaking the rules of traditional fashion.  After all, they created these sartorial standards for men.  I’ll never forget a classically styled suit, on a Londoner, that was elegantly detailed, but outfitted with an outrageously bright, colored shirt and tie.

What do you especially love about mens fashion?

I love how mens fashion can enhance your quality of life.  I think women understand better than men, how wearing the right clothing, for any event, can elevate the experience.  A romantic meal is made more memorable, by dressing for the event.  Wearing a powerful, business suit makes your presentation more inspiring and professional.  Wearing an elegant evening suit or tuxedo shows a man off to his best advantage, next to his beautifully dressed date.  And dressing well to all important social occasions shows respect to those attending.

What is a trend in tailored clothing that you personally appreciate at the moment?

It’s exciting to see young men wanting to dress up.  There’s a coolness about wearing a suit, whether it’s needed or not.  Today the sophisticated, sharp, young guy understands that he sets himself apart, by wearing a well-tailored modern suit.

Any “behind the scenes” stories about Byron in the making?

My family heritage is from a Greek island that had been part of the British empire. The elegance of the British style of dress was celebrated by my father and all of the tailors on that island.  Byron is the name of an English aristocratic poet at the turn of the 18th century.  He was the rock star of his times, penning epic poems like “Don Juan.”  Byron was also a Greek national hero, dying while battling to liberate Greece from Ottoman occupation.

In a sentence or two, what makes Byron clothing so exceptional?

Byron clothing is hand-tailored, with old world craftsmanship that you’d expect in much more expensive designer clothing.  Better quality fabrics and better tailoring create a modern style that flatters all men.

What advice can you give to boost a guy’s confidence in wearing modern menswear?

All men look better when they wear a suit coat.  Whether it’s a dressy look or sporty, the fact is that men of all shapes and sizes look slimmer and more muscular as soon as they throw on a well-tailored jacket.

What do you aim to accomplish through the Bryon label?

Byron’s success has been entirely driven by providing the quality and appearance of the worlds greatest designer clothing, but doing so at a more affordable “bridge” price point.